All I Have Is A Glimpse and a Set Of Hunches

All I Have Is A Glimpse and a Set Of Hunches

When we start making a work I never know exactly where it will end up, what the form will really end up being. With A Place Free Of Judgement this is no different, in fact this feels very real at the moment and all I have is a glimpse and a set of hunches, like a whiff or a hint which went past me last week for a moment and now I can see it off in the distance again.

Some significant steps in Phase 1 of the project have just happened – three workshops, a total of 6 days at Cannock Library, Telford Southwater Library and Worcester St John’s Library and a structuring day with Tony White.

There are about 30 young people in the project split across the three sites, who range from nearly 14 to 19 years of age. We spent two days with each group and have covered a lot already – how to make walking stories for another person with no script about buildings we’ve never been inside, learning how to film in different ways and how to understand how we read film, how to have more control and ability even on a camera phone.

Stories have shifted from positive into a negative ones and vice versa – finding character, the opening and ending of a story at the same time.

Now we know which library follows which and why, what role history will play in the work.

This is a take over of libraries – this is a re-imagening of spaces we know as libraries. This is a work, a story of history and archive and law and documentary information, this is a story, a work, of fiction, of the impossible, of the haunted, of the individual and the collaboration.

We are going to writing a story and making the event of that story, which will be performed and streamed for 12 hours or rather 13 hours on the night of 29th-30th October when the clocks go back an hour.

Blast Theory, Tony White and up to 45 young people aged 14-19 will present A Place Free Of Judgement, a teenage takeover of libraries.

You can be an audience in the libraries or you can take part in the audience online.

The young people will take over

And the story will be published as a book.

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